Edeline & Bo is an online boutique of playful chic stationery.

Our hand drawn designs are imaginative and capture the joyful exuberance of childhood.


Evett Edeline Huie, owner 

I used to be creative.

Growing up I was obsessed with reading, writing stories and inventing characters, drawing and painting. Somewhere along the way however, I learned to squash those desires in order to pursue "more lucrative" career choices. Today, I earn a living as a manager in the health administration field.

Shortly after the birth of my rainbow baby, I was formally diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder and depression. Both rob me of the joy of watching my beautiful baby grow into a spirited, intelligent and sweet boy. If I were in Pixar's "Inside Out", my mind's Headquarters would be governed by Bill Hader and many of my (more recent) memory orbs would be purple and blue. My mental health support includes a psychiatrist, a social worker, a counsellor, my family doctor and a paediatrician.

One spring afternoon, I randomly walked into a local art shop and purchased a paint set. With a brush as my tool and watercolour as my medium, anxiety, fear and disruptive thoughts were channeled into bright and whimsical illustrations.

Edeline & Bo is a marriage between a rekindled childhood passion and a journey battling mental illness. Each card is thoughtfully designed and made in Vancouver, British Columbia.

This venture is inspired by my son Christopher, whom his grandparents have affectionately nicknamed "Bo".